Working smarter not harder, supporting people to think in a new way

"Believing in people, supporting change!"

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WHAT DO I DO?  I add unique value to women who are in management or leadership roles and support them to raise their self-awareness, confidence and ability to work towards goals. 

These days, we all need to "Work Smarter, Not Harder"  and I want to create a positive space where reflection and strategy-building can happen in my coaching sessions.  This is why I have pulled together transformational tools and resources and we can focus on things that will really make a difference.  In fact, I have seen this happen already many times, so I would love to also work with you!

Each pillar includes:  an initial meeting to talk about how we can work together, eight bi-weekly 60 minute sessions with a range of materials and tools to take away and use again youself and to share with your team and a 3 month post-coaching session to fully assess the long-term impact of the sessions.  Total cost for each pillar is £770 (or 4 monthly payments of £210).  Starting with Pillar 1 provides you with a sound foundation to build on!

Pillar Number 1:  It's all about you - discovering your values, skills and abilities and considering some opportunities - a fantastic foundation allowing leaders and managers to know their uniqueness:  foundations are vital!

Pillar Number 2:  Developing your roadmap - working on your goals and building a strategic plan with achievable goals to get you to your destination as a leader or manager.   We all need to regularly work on goal-setting and refresh this too because things are always changing!

Pillar Number 3:  How to maximise your time and maintain a sharp focus on priorities - consider some tools that will identify your most important tasks and think through how you currently use your time so that you can make some changes and feel more in control of your day.

Pillar Number 4:  Leading your team through change

Considering how to become a collaborative leader, agile and able to empower and lead people through the many changes you face?  The temptation is to push change through without involving others but this can lead to resistance and issues, how can we be creative, transormational leaders and open to others being part of the story?

Contact me and we can have a chat, you can explain your situation and some of your hopes and we can decide if we might make a good team!

*In addition to the sessions, I provide editable copies of all the tools we use together, this means that you have a resource to use again and again in your personal reflections, when giving support and supervision to your staff or in team meetings.  

WHERE CAN WE MEET?  If you are able to meet me face to face in Kettering, Northamptonshire, we can arrange this.  If you prefer to meet online, I have Zoom and Teams and can give you my link.

Alternatively, why not meet up online for a one-off 90 minute coaching session around the topic of Self Limiting Beliefs?  The current cost is £70.  Here is some feedback from a client following their session:  "I had been feeling totally stuck when I tried to grow my business and was worried about approaching potential clients but thinking about self limiting beliefs and building a plan to overcome them, freed me to face it and overcome my fears".  BJ, Business owner

Can we just meet up for a chat?  Of course, just get in touch and you can spend time with me, talking online - discussing your current needs and goals for your organisation and your managers and leaders and we can consider if we could work well together.  Fill in the Contact Me form and we can set this up.