Who am I and what am I about?

About Julie Buckingham

I am a solution focused coach and mentor - specialising in working with female leaders and managers, supporting them to grow in confidence, build productivity and the ability to communicate upwards and to lead their teams effectively too.    

In order to achieve this, I use a well-researched programme that I produced called Working Smarter, Not Harder - it has already been proven to be a very impactful resource that I use, share with Leaders and then they can take the tools themselves to add to their skills.  

My background is leading community and voluntary organisations, national charity team management and health and social care leadership and also running my own small business for over 8 years, so I have learnt so much and want to share ideas with others. 

I have worked directly with service users too and recruited, trained and supported staff, always with a Solution-focused approach.  I have a keen interest in volunteer management too with a proven track record of developing projects and people. 

I am also a volunteer myself, I currently coach and mentor emerging female leaders in business from a range of nations through PushFar and I am an active member there too.  

I have worked in a range of organisations both in starting new projects but also building up networks and working closely with a range of stakeholders, I have found that it is the middle manager who takes on so much responsibility, often without training or regular ongoing support that makes a difference on the ground, having to lead through change and with minimal direction or supervision from senior leaders because they are so hard-pressed with their own responsibilities in driving the organisation forward.  I feel that I can provide that trusted link both for the Senior Leader and the Manager so that things can work more effectively and smoothly.

I have been running my own successful English Language Coaching business too for over 8 years, providing one-to-one support to learners at intermediate level on Business English topics and also examination preparation.  I always enjoy working with people who want to develop their entrepreneurial confidence and I know many of the pressures and excitement of running your own small business.  

I have added the ILM Level 7 Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring Leaders and Managers to my toolkit (January 2022) which has developed my practice and I am excited to be sharing some ideas and tools but most of all supporting people to really value their own unique leadership gift and considering how to lead teams through change towards  clear goals.

I offer a choice of programmes under the banner "Working smarter, not harder" because I have experienced myself the effectiveness of using some great resources, becoming reflective and focused on solutions.

Here is some feedback from one of my clients: 

"Now I can see with clarity and identify the next chapter of my life, I feel motivated and upbeat and it was helpful to explore the options in detail, thinking about what it looks like, sit back and being able to think about what I don't like, saying it and talking about it - I could see the wood for the trees!"   CEO of a Voluntary Sector Organisation describing my coaching session.

I can arrange to meet on Zoom to discuss your requirements, if you live local to me (Kettering, Northamptonshire), we can meet up face to face!  

"Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them".  Albert Einstein