When we want to move up or we are in a Middle Manager or Leadership position as a woman, we can sometimes feel that we lose our true self and we are uncertain about how best to tackle the role.

If only we could have someone outside the organisation who we could talk to about our hopes and dreams but also consider some of the barriers we are facing.  As a Leadership and Management Coach, I have had some amazing clients, energetic, focused and at times unsure of themselves.  I have been able to work with them to build their self-confidence and enable them to realise their unique values, skills and strengths.

As a qualified and experienced Leadership Coach and Mentor, I would love to meet you to see how we could move things forward together for you in your role.

"Believing in people, supporting change" is my goal and I use a range of practical and useful tools in my sessions that people can take away and use and apply as leaders in their one-to-one support sessions and team meetings.

Creating a coaching leadership style is a great investment of both time and money for any professional.

I am an Associate Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council UK and I am qualified with the ILM Level 7 Leadership and Management Coaching Diploma

Work out your own unique skills, strengths and values as a leader and manager

Find what you need - one-to-one coaching; workshops and training courses that fit 

Coaching: "Unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance".  Sir John Whitmore (1996)