Grow youe English speaking confidence for the workplace

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Preparing learners for English speaking interviews is something that I really enjoy and I have written a programme to help students to work on the main interview questions.

Spending time with me over 6 90 minute sessions will give you the time and attention to work on your fluency, vocabulary and fluency will put you in a strong position and get you ready to apply for jobs where you can add real value.

Total cost of £180 or £30 per session

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Preparing for the IELTS examination is an area I have specialised in now for 7 years and many of my students have achieved great success in speaking with my tips and practice sessions.

Modeling the speaking answers and boosting your use of native English phrases no only helps with getting ready for the test but helps with conversational English too.

1 hour sessions - £20 - length of support depends on your current level and required Band Score

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Making a presentation takes a lot of courage and getting the support you need from a coach who will work intensively with you on gaining confidence and planning your talk will build your ability to step up at work.

Considering your planning, structure and vocabulary will point you towards increasing your professional image in the workplace.

4 90 minute sessions - total cost £120 or £30 per session

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Working for an international company pushes people to speak up with confidence so what is holding you back?

I have a Management Degree and a Master Degree Level in Coaching Managers and Leaders and would love to support you to be able to be actively involved in meetings so that you can show your best ideas to the team.

4 90 minute sessions - total cost £120 or £30 per session

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